Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Modern graphic with orange flowers

7" 8" 9" layers, built up so each layer was about 5 1/2 inches,
which is taller than the normal 4 inches.
It was lemon poppyseed with fresh raspberry filling, and fresh raspberry buttercream.

I loved this simple modern design. Her colors were orange, teal, and brown so
this complemented her decor perfectly. a way to do an autumn wedding with out using pumpkins and leaves.

Close up of the flowers. Flowers were made out of fondant and gumpaste mix. It is hard to see but the leaves were very dark, brownish black with a hint of mossy green to them.

Brown and blue with gumpaste lillies

Vanilla cake with fresh strawberry filling, fresh strawberry buttercream, and chocolate flavored fondant.

It is a stacked cake with 6 inch, 8 inch, and 10 inch cakes. This will serve approximately 100 wedding sized servings.

Hand-made gumpaste flowers painted with a shimmery luster dust. Gumpaste is a sugar clay that is molded into realistic flowers, figures, etc. and dries hard. They are beautiful compliments to any cakes decor.

These are stargazer lilies, calla lilies, and twigs with berries on them. All made by hand.