Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sweet sixteen cake for a neighbor. Ironically out of all the pictures I took none turned out very good. These are the best pictures I have and this first one I took from my cell phone!!
At the party. This is fondant with lots of luster dust and glitter dust to make it sparkly and shimmery. I loved how it turned out.

This pictures is a side view of me setting up the cake but I really wanted
to include it because it shows the truest to life colors of the silver on the cake.

This bow is technically edible but wouldn't taste very yummy! It is made from gumpaste. It dries very hard then you paint the pieces and glue them together with royal icing. It was my first bow and I loved how it turned out!

I was intimidated by the wire swirls. I was sure the balls weight would pull the wire through the icing. When I bent the wire I also wasn't sure that they would ever bend without kinking, but they turned out great.

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KFinley said...

That cake is AMAZING! Even cooler than you described it!