Thursday, December 2, 2010

Baby Shower Mountain Cake

Well my brother and his wife are having a baby!!! I didn't know what to make them at first. They just wouldn't appreciate a baby blue cake with rattles and bottles all over it. Hmmmm......What to do???? Well I made baby boy Hunt a mountain all to himself: to play on, climb, ride his bike, 4 wheel, and hike all over, camp on, or anything else he can think of :) After all that is what he will be doing just as soon as he is born :)

The entire cake was rich chocolate with fresh strawberries and cream italian meringue buttercream and fresh strawberry filling. It was really good.
A nice moist and dense cake for carving.
Side view of the cake. Here is the rock cliff he is climbing up. I actually threw away his arm on accident so he is the one-armed climber :)
His little car he is barreling up the mountain in. All the figures are fondant fondant mixed with a little gumpaste.I needed to steam the cake
to get rid of the powdered sugar but I ran out of time :(

Little guy camping at the top in his sweet little red tent.
Sadly I accidentally threw way several parts to the bike. There are several people I am related to who would notice everything I am missing....On the bright side I still think it turned out way cute!!! I loved the texture I added to the tires. I should have made this one with 100% gumpaste as it slumped a little as the day went on.

The one-armed, amazing Hunt!!!! I just loved his beanie he was wearing :)

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